ICHIEN Jewellery House
Sketching the Jewellery
The preliminary sketch is the first, most creative stage of the development process. Behind each beautiful drawing lies precise calculation of all the technical aspects – the designer must take every detail of the subsequent stages of manufacture into account as he draws.
Wax Modelling
The second stage is the moulding of an exact copy of the desired jewellery out of wax. Wax models based on the sketch are made by hand and with the help of special equipment. It is very delicate work, as wax is a soft material and requires careful handling.
Metal Casting
The process of creating a metal cast is no less creative, and certain jewellery requires the skills of a sculptor. This explains why many of the instruments used in jewellery design are almost indistinguishable in form and function from those of a sculptor.
The Soldering Process
This stage has a special magic to it, as the designer turns into a forger. Using a blowtorch, he fuses the metal parts of the piece together and if necessary gives it a new shape. This process requires the maximum attention because the slightest loss of control over the flame can spoil the jewellery.
Enamelling process
If working with metal can be compared with sculpture, then the enamelling process is the equivalent of painting, and the range of enamel colours available is no less than the palette an artist has at his disposal. Similarly, there are as many enamelling techniques to work with in jewellery as there are colours. The main thing to remember while working with enamel is keeping the bench spotless!
Setting the Stones
This is the most contemplative of the different stages of jewellery design. It often requires positioning the stones as in a mosaic, in a complex arrangement of colours, so the setter has to have a high level of concentration and impeccable aesthetic taste.
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