ICHIEN Jewellery House
The universe is our inspiration. Anything and everything that exists in this world of ours could inspire a jewellery designer to create something new, be it nature, architecture, different cultures, legend, fairy tales - the list goes on. You just need to know how to spot it!

The illusory nature of reality and the way it changes are Ichienís biggest sources of inspiration. It is hard to imagine that we exist in several realities at once. Many believe that there is only one world in which seven billion people coexist and that this is the world we see every day. But in fact, we each have our own reality, which means we are surrounded by seven billion parallel worlds, all of which have the power to form the basis of something beautiful.

In reality, every single person is a unique model of the universe, and it goes without saying that any of these individual universes can be the source of inspiration for a new piece of jewellery. This inspiration from the characters of individual people explains why Ichien so often works on bespoke projects. He encapsulates the essence of the wearerís personality in the jewellery he creates, which can often have the power to reflect certain traits they might not even have known existed.
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