Bullfinches Ring
Ring of white gold with diamonds, rubies, colored sapphires and topaz
Code 1.0019.750
White diamonds
Black diamonds
Yellow sapphires
Pink sapphires
Blue Topaz
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Their glossy wings spread wide, the bullfinches
are face to face, frozen in motion forever ...
so close and yet so far.
In many ways, the "Bullfinches" ring owes its
existence to Ichiens creative freedom.
Having come up with the design for the
piece, he passed it into the capable hands of
ICHIENs skilled jewellery makers. Led by the
visionary designer, they worked on this
unusual piece for two months and the result
is a perfect example of art and jewellery
craftsmanship working together in harmony.
The ring has become one of the Jewellery
Houses signature pieces.
Like with many ICHIENs creations, the concept of "Bullfinches" is built
around the contrast between fantasy and the reality. Outstretched, the
birds wings look more like moths wings and appear almost
mystical in compared to the naturalistic birds bodies. Continuing this
aura of the fantastical, the ICHIEN bullfinches have magnificent tails
like birds of paradise that weave their way down in an ornate pattern
to the base of the ring.
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